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Where I Am [Jul. 21st, 2009|08:14 am]
It's been ages since I've been on LJ. I can tell you I've been on facebook and twitter more. If you would like to add me, here's the info..
Oh and I moved to NYC. Tribeca to be exact.


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Online dating [Apr. 9th, 2009|02:06 pm]
So I've entered the realm of online dating. I decided to give it a try and after the first 2 weeks, I didn't get many people viewing and I certainly didn't get any responses...

Screw this! I said. What a complete waste! Then a dear friend of mine told me that my profile didn't really give women the oppotunity to know the real.... sexy..... Chris... she was completely right.

I ditched that whole, long sunsets on the beach bullsh-t and decided to write something completely me. I can say, it worked... I've been getting a lot more responses...

Anyway, here's what I wrote in my profile..

Let's take it slow.... but do you prefer diamonds or sapphires on your ring?
I'm nowhere even close to making the salary of a doctor or lawyer and asian males are as in high demand as... beepers. I'm kidding. Anyway, I'm a catch. Think Woody Allen with a dash of suave like Jaleel White =) If you get to know me, you'll find out I'm sarcastic most of the time and I love to laugh. Oh and I swam the English Channel...but only twice.

Anyway... Here's my list of requirements I want in a woman... (i don't think I'm asking for much)

1.) I want a girl who'll cut my steak into iddy bitty pieces and feed me like a mama bird. 

2.) Someone who could overlook my guest appearance on NBC's To Catch a Predator.

3.) Can calculate Pi to the 27th decimal

4.) Has 6 fingers on each hand

5.) Knows the lyrics to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" backwards.

6.) Taller than 8 ft.

7.) Can play both parts of Dueling Banjos at the same time.

8.) Can sneeze while keeping your eyes open.

9.) Won a nobel prize

10.) Knows the 30 lives cheat code in Contra.
11.) Is ok with the fact that I only make a 7 figure salary. That's if you include the decimal points.
12.) Dated a Klingon.
13.) Was not on the show Cheaters.
14.) Can tell me the name of the song Jessie Spano kept singing when she was addicted to Speed.
15.) Suffers from Count Chocolitis.

So if you found that amusing, I hope to hear from you or hopefully you can think of other requirements I should add. In all seriousness, I want someone I can have fun joking around with. Someone who gets all the little movie/pop culture references. Hell, if you want, we can just be friends. You can never have enough of those.
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Hmm.. I could be wrong...(maybe not) [Feb. 27th, 2009|03:49 pm]
But this year I've been told that I was a

- snob (and they said this to me in a friendly way.. how can that be good?)
- selfish
- cold
- a dick

That's too bad really. Anyway, I don't know if its true or not but someone told me, "you know who you are..."
You know what... That's really what matters so I don't (or try) not to let things bother me too much. But I was believed to give someone the benefit of the doubt so...


I haven't written in here in a while but I should be getting back to it soon. Sorry, facebook had me occupied.
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I'm seriously crying.. [Feb. 9th, 2009|01:38 pm]
Lonely Island album out tomorrow... this song is hilarious!!

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51st Annual Grammys Ad Campaign [Jan. 16th, 2009|08:57 am]
[music |Neko Case - People Got A Lotta Nerve]

I saw this on the way to work this morning..

Radiohead Grammy CampaignCollapse )
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Neko Case [Jan. 16th, 2009|08:57 am]

People Got A Lotta Nerve - Neko Case
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Damn you PC people! Damn you!! [Jan. 15th, 2009|01:09 pm]
Crayon Physics
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Holy crap! [Jan. 14th, 2009|09:48 am]
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Hmm [Jan. 14th, 2009|09:35 am]
So clearly this band thing isn't going anywhere. I don't think any of the guys want to practice. Umair has his business and jay with school and stuff. I gotta tell you, it's hard for me to find musicians who want to play. It's even harder to convince someone you want to sing in their band when you don't have music anywhere close to the stuff they write. When they hear the stuff you wrote, they'll respond, "we're not really that type of music." Seriously I know that...
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Take the Skinheads Bowling [Jan. 8th, 2009|12:16 pm]
An absolute classic.. I forgot I use to play this song on my guitar as a joke.. I love this song.

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